About Us

Two female entrepreneurs with a love of creativity and fashion noticed the need for finding design pieces in the American market that could adapt to all types of women. Through their passion The Habit: Art! was born.


Owners Ivana Ianotto and Carolina Campos, both born in Caracas, Venezuela, believe that art is in everything we do, wear, and create. Together they developed a space to showcase the individuality of every woman. Every piece that is part of The Habit: Art! is chosen by Ivana and Carolina and has a history and significance that makes a difference.

At the end of 2012 The Habit:Art! opened their first storefront in Coconut Grove, Miami with 22 Latin American accessory designers. The store’s layout was designed by Venezuelan Juan Francisco Garcia, whose focus was to create a gallery concept for The Habit:Art! to display their pieces. Different exhibition spaces were crafted in the style of each designer, ultimately creating a diverse but cohesive environment in perfect harmony. Through time The Habit:Art! has flourished to over 45 exhibiting artists.


In 2015 The Habit: Art! created a website, offering products to trendsetting women and becoming part of their unique style in the United States and around the world.


The Habit: Art! relocated in 2016 to the booming financial district of Brickell in downtown Miami. They also joined forces with Shoptiques, a prestigious web platform for the best boutiques in over 2,000 cities. The Habit: Art! continues to grow and has recently added clothing designers to the gallery.




The Habit:Art! is not just a boutique or a gallery, but an immersive and personal experience in women’s fashion. Venezuelan, Colombian, and other Latin American designers’ handmade pieces are showcased like the works of art that they are. Through our intimate collaborations with the artists we can share their stories, describe the creation of their pieces, and find complementary accessories to create the uniquely perfect look.

The Habit:Art! offers a wide variety of stylish fashion apparel and accessories that include designer shoes, wallets, handbags, purses, rings, necklaces, bracelets, swimwear, photography, headpieces, and hair accessories.


The inspiration to create The Habit: Art! emerged from the demand for unique, fashionable, and reasonably priced accessories that could adapt to one’s individual style. The creative boom developing in Latin America motivated us to select a group of designers to collaborate with us.

The Habit: Art!'s headquarters in Miami, Florida is fueled by the city’s strong Latin influence and fashion-forward residents. 

For us art is everywhere, including in our clothing and accessories. We believe that our clients see art as a habit and express this through our signature pieces.

The Habit: Art! proudly caters to every trendsetting woman, which is why we carefully hand-select designers to be a part of our team.  For each exhibition piece we take current trends, originality, diversity, and quality into consideration. Every product is suited to a different person, complementing their unique style.